The roundup: Advertising Week '16

Well another Advertising Week has come and gone and this year there was no shortage of competing programming. There was MIXX, SM2, MMS, OMMA and millions of other events like the Girl's Lounge dinner and the MediaLink event at the Whitney.

Kimye sightings aside, we at AUSAM kept it OG and copped passes to the classic Advertising Week conference - and we were NOT disappointed.

Adweek content this year was probably the best of the past six years we've been attending. It was wonderful to find a classically technology, data and feature-obsessed crowd get back to basics. Common themes this year focused on measurement, brand storytelling, better understanding consumers and engaging with them on their terms (AKA how do we stop ad blocking) and of course: video, video, video!

The great thing is you can stream EVERY PANEL from adweek at your leisure. Our suggestions below. Happy binging!